Sketch - Ocean No.2

I purchased a Virtual Private Network to access Google Map, using the Street View Mode to randomly browse Los Angeles. I fix my perspective in a street scene of the coast to frame a street view, and take a screenshot of it. Due to software or internet malfunction, some ocean views became a surreal visual spectacle. Then, I use a digital camera to rephotograph the ocean view screenshots, and proceed sketching the photographed view on book pages of Leaves and Grass. In the end, the photos of the screenshots will be placed next to the sketch and exhibited.

Sketch-Ocean 2/graphite on book pages of The Leaves of Grass,  archival pigment print/15,75x8,78in,64.96x37in/unique/2018

Screen capture of Google Street View

Sketch on a page of a book

2019,Chinglish , Make Room , Los Angeles,USA

Sketch - Ocean No.2